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The triple gem or sometimes called the three jewels, is made up symbolically of three small circles (yellow, blue and red circle). The yellow jewel symbolizes the Buddha (enlightenment), the blue jewel symbolizes the Dharma (teachings) and the red jewel symbolizes the Sangha (community).

We decided to keep all three circles of our triple gem logo red, symbolizing the powerful magnitude of our COMMUNITY.

When all three circles are combined and practiced together, the result cultivates in developing a diamond mind. The diamond mind can cut through all delusion and suffering. It is an enlightened state of mind. The qualities are brilliant clarity, laser focus and abundant energy. Like a perfectly cut diamond, it is luminous and strong.

We all have the seed of a diamond mind, but most people rarely, if ever, experience it. It is a state of heightened clarity, alertness and complete congruity. When you are in that state, you find yourself in the right place at the right time, with the right people, noticing the right opportunities and finding inspired solutions. The right path unfolds before you. You feel empowered. You have absolute certainty and can use it to achieve your goals.

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