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Classes available for everyone of all experience levels. From beginner to the lifelong yogi, we have classes that will challenge you, inspire you and change you.


Vinyasa is a beautiful connection between breath and movement; athleticism and grace; effort and ease. Flows are uniquely crafted from Ashtanga foundations, set to loud and upbeat music. This class provides the framework to go at your own pace. Bring a towel and be prepared to sweat. If you are new to yoga, you may need to follow along for the first few classes. Practiced in a very warm infrared heated room (up to 105 degrees).



Linking together breath and movement, this is an upbeat class focusing on the foundational postures of ashtanga. Class format includes Sun Salutations and flows to warm up and build heat followed by classic ashtanga postures. Breath, bandhas, drishti and upekka are guiding principles of this practice. Class is with music. Practiced in a very warm infrared heated room (up to 105 degrees).


Simple flows, mostly teacher guided and longer holding postures. Emphasis is given to aligning breath and movement, slowing down and paying attention. This practice awakens all of your senses, especially the sense of touch as you are encouraged to practice with your eyes closed. Excellent starting point if you are new to yoga. Also a great challenge for the experienced practitioner. Practiced in a warm infrared heated room (up to 90 degrees).



A powerful pairing! Hybrid class combining the best of both the yang (vinyasa) and the yin. Your favorite sun salutations and flows (around 45 mins) followed by a few longer holding seated poses (about 10 minutes) to finish. Vinyasa+Yin classes build physical strength and stamina while preparing the the body to move into more flexibility and energy flow. This class will start in a very warm infrared heated room (up to 105 degrees).


Yin yoga is a practice that focuses on stretching your connective tissues (particularly the fascia) in order to strengthen and lengthen them. Mainly seated poses with each pose being held for 3-5 minutes. This practice is incredibly healing and promotes an increase in circulation, deeper sleep and better digestion. Yin also helps to create space and integrity in your joints. Minimal heat (room may be warm from last class).



A pose at the end of every Community Yoga Studio class. Please stay for all of it. Your mind and body will thank you!

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